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Our Products : Life Insurance

Universal Life Insurance

With our universal life insurance product, Genesis, you can insure the financial security of you and your loved ones through one and the same contract and at the same time accumulate additional tax-sheltered amounts. Genesis provides you with a flexible financial program that you can adapt to your changing needs.

Who Should Consider Universal Life Insurance?

Individuals or families seeking financial security and wishing to accumulate additional funds (to carry out retirement plans, for example).

Young dual-income professional couples that can pay the insurance premium more quickly.

Persons with a higher-than-average income who are looking for a tax-sheltered savings vehicle other than a registered retirement savings plan (RRSP).


Business people, to finance a shareholders' agreement or insure a key employee.

Features and Advantages of Genesis

You obtain affordable permanent life-insurance protection combined with an attractive tax-sheltered savings account.

You can choose and modify the amount of insurance, the cost options, the payment frequency, and the premium amount in accordance with your needs.

You can diversify your savings through our range of investment options .

You can enjoy an advantageous premium reduction on the basis of the general state of your health and your lifestyle (see preferred underwriting).

You have the opportunity to make partial withdrawals to carry out your favourite projects.

You can obtain a premium holiday if you are temporarily unable to make your usual payments.

You personalize your contract when it is issued and at any other time through a wide choice of riders and additional benefits.

You enjoy guaranteed quick-payment options for periods of 10, 15 or 20 years, including guaranteed cash surrender values.

You may insure up to nine persons under the same contract.

How Does Genesis Universal Life Insurance Work?

After deduction of the applicable taxes, your premiums are used to pay the insurance costs and administration fees. The surplus monies are invested in the investment options of your choice.

The surplus monies constitute the �savings� component of your contract and generate interest that accrues tax free. The interest generated and the interest bonus, which you are paid as of the fifth year, are reinvested in the investment options you have chosen.

You may make withdrawals* from the amounts accumulated in your investment options at any time.

*Certain transaction fees may apply. No surrender charge applies with the level cost of insurance option.


With Genesis, you have the opportunity to maximize the growth of your tax-sheltered savings through a full range of investment options offering competitive returns.

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Are You Concerned About Stock Market Fluctuations?
You needn't worry. All our index accounts include a death benefit equal to at least 100% of the premiums paid into the accounts, adjusted by any withdrawal.




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